Integration @ Bar Arena, Thursday 25th April

Brand New Beat
Brand New Beat Presents ‘Integration’ @ Bar Arena

Thursday 25th April 2013 @ Bar Arena, el Born, Barcelona
22:00 – 02:30

Soul, funk, nu-disco and electro beats (FREE Admission)

There are many cultures from all over the world in our city and three main languages that everybody should be trying to speak or learn if they aren’t already. Catalan because it is a beautiful language, spoken by a beautiful people who will always be your host. Spanish because it is also the language of the city and the country if not the nation and English because the weight of the world is behind it. What a home would you have, if you spoke all three languages and lived here? Just two would be an incredible improvement on one. Just a few words in a strange tongue can bring smiles to people’s faces.

If you want to try and talk to a stranger in a language you want to learn just come and ask the DJ’s and we’ll try and find someone for you.

We believe music transcends all of this anyway. We think that no matter what language you speak you will like our music and it will make you want to move and be happy. Come to our place listen to our music and speak to the people of our city and hear their language so that you may use it for yourself. Maybe dance as well, everybody speaks that language.

We play Soul, Disco, Funk, RnB, Beats and everything else that melts out of that.

One of our heroes:

Could be one of yours too.

What time have you got to be up in the morning?

Arena Bar
Carrer : Vigatans – Carassa 4
08003 Barcelona, Catalonia

From 22:00

2 Pool Tables
San Miguel 2€
Moritz 2€
Chupito 2.50€
Wine 2.50€
Cubata 6€