Are you ready for a Brand New Beat?

Are you ready for a Brand New Beat?

Let us introduce you to ‘Brand New Beat’!

But first a few questions:

  • Are you a new band, solo musician, creative or small business?
  • Are you just starting out on your new venture and don’t really know how to get up and running online as quickly and professionally as possible?
  • Do you need some help to build your online presence whether it’s websites, social media or just general professional styling and branding?
  • Have you tried using some free tools or platforms but not really been able to get the results that you wanted?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you’ve come to the right place. 

At Brand New Beat our mission is to help aspiring creatives launch their artistic careers in an increasingly cluttered digital world.

Yes, of course you can try to do all this yourselves for free, but we want you to be able to focus on the things that you consider most important – being creative! We don’t want you to get held up by technical website set up or optimisation. We don’t want you to try taking some selfies with your own mobile and then try to edit them. We don’t want you to try recording that all important demo on Garage Band in your shed. 

We DO want you to get a really good head start by working with an experienced group of professionals to build a customised starter kit for your creative project. Enter, Brand New Beat! 

This full service starter kit for bands, artists, creatives and small startups is about to be launched with the backing of an experienced team that can offer you:

  • An SEO optimised website that will promote your project properly 
  • Professional social media profiles on all the networks that matter
  • A pro photo shoot to build up your promo pack for getting people interested
  • A weekend in a full-spec recording studio to lay down that all important demo
  • Video content including a short promo video for sharing online
  • A starter digital promotion strategy for the important first stages of your project

Basically it’s everything that you need to really get going but created just for you by professionals with years of experience. 

Sound interesting?

Brand New Beat

Brand New Beat is a collective of musicians, promoters, DJ's and music lovers that promotes, produces and presents soul, funk, nu-disco and electro parties and events. We've organised events and club nights in London and Barcelona most recently.

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